Puppy Playbook

Your guide to raising a puppy

Your guide to raising a puppy

Your guide to raising a puppyYour guide to raising a puppyYour guide to raising a puppy


There is a lot of great free information here! Take your time exploring the site and learning how to best raise your puppy  


What is the Puppy Playbook

The Puppy Playbook is written and operated by a veterinarian to provide recommendations to raising a happy and healthy puppy. It addresses the common problems seen and how to avoid them. 


How to use the Puppy Playbook

The playbook has four categories of information (Before Puppy, Health, Training Tips and Guidelines, and Nutrition). These sections are designed to give the basic understanding of how to raise a puppy, free from monetary influences. Click here for an outline of the sections and topics discussed


Before Puppy


How to prepare for the new puppy



Parasites, vaccines, and disease... What you really need to know



Training Tips and "how to" 



Overwhelmed with nutrition? Let us help

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About Us



As a veterinarian, I frequently educate my clients on a variety of topics. One of my favorite topics, is the "new puppy" talk. This website is a way to gain the basic knowledge needed to start off on the right paw.

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Puppy Playbook

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Follow this checklist to see if you are ready for a puppy



  • Do you have the time?
  • Do you have the money?
  • What are the family/house rules and expectations?
  • Selecting a puppy
  • What do you want to do with your puppy?
  • What breed/type?
  • What questions do you ask of the breeder/rescue?
  • Purchase items on the puppy checklist
  • Puppy proof the home
  • Pick a local veterinarian
  • Prepare to bring your puppy home


  • Establish a relationship with a veterinarian
  • What and how many vaccines will your puppy need?
  • What are the common diseases of a puppy?
  • Spay/neuter benefits
  • Breed related issues


  • What diet will you feed your puppy?
  • How much and how often do you feed your puppy?
  • What are the common myths about nutrition?


  • When do you start training your puppy?
  • What are the basics of training?
  • How do you house/potty train a puppy?
  • How do you kennel train your puppy?
  • How do you train a puppy to sit, come, stay, and down?
  • What are common issues people deal with when raising puppies?